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devine_debris's Journal

Devine Debris Designs
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Base, brush and texture credit

If you recognize anything I have used as your own and you are not listed below, please inform me and I shall fix that ;)

alaskanicons _angstyicons _blisse basicbases brokenicon candycrack cdg_brushes colorfilter crumblingwalls cyberelf decima eclecticicons even_art dearest happyconfusion7 hisatomi icon_goddess iconxbrothel im_glas juicy_graphics kurogane merely_anger obsessiveicons rough_draft___ rubyshard so_iconic neke unmasked_icons




I do not claim to own any of the artwork used in my bases or icons. If you find that I have used your work and you would prefer that I did not, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. When I ask for credit I do so merely so that I may recognize anything I may have used or made because it is nice to see what has been done with it. I respect the fact that it is not my art, and will respect anyone's wish to remove their artwork from my community.